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A new micro:bit global challenge for children and teens to combine creativity and technology in solutions for the Global Goals.

This challenge will focus on Global Goals 14 and 15 and ask you to come up with innovative ways to use your micro:bit to help protect life on land and below water.

You can learn about the Goals, understand some of the problems facing our oceans and natural world and then get started developing ideas and solutions using technology.

Brought to you by

Brought to you by the Micro:bit Educational Foundation, Arm, World's Largest Lesson, in partnership with Unicef.

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We'll provide everything you need, from free resources to learn about the Goals to a step by step process to help you develop your solution and enter the challenge. And if you are stuck for ideas there will be some tips too.

If you can't wait to get started then visit our Let's Code page to perfect your blocks, Python or Javascript coding skills because the unique part of this challenge is that you don't even need a micro:bit to take part!

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Global Challenge 2018 Winners Day

In late 2018, we ran the micro:bit Global Challenge. Our winners from around the world won a trip to London for a special Winners Day in January 2019. It was a fantastic day of creativity and collaboration.