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micro:bit champions

Educators advocating for digital creativity

Students examining micro:bit projects

micro:bit champions

Are you an educator dedicated to the mission of inspiring every child to create their best digital future? Apply to become a micro:bit champion and help more educators to bring the do your :bit challenge to life.

All types of educators are encouraged to apply. The main requirement is that you are currently helping students to build digital creativity skills with the micro:bit and that you want to help other educators do the same.

What you’ll do

  • Work with educators in your community of practice to share free digital creativity resources
  • Submit proposals to present your ideas at conferences and virtual summits
  • Attend an orientation and training to meet other micro:bit champions
  • Attend a virtual monthly meetup

What you'll receive

  • Presentation kit to host your own webinars and meet ups with educators - including micro:bits to give away!
  • Invitation to monthly virtual meet up with members of the Micro:bit Educational Foundation
  • T-shirt, digital badge, and certificate

Apply to join

Applications are due by October 29, 2020. You will be notified by November 30, 2020 if you are selected.

Key parts of the application:

  1. We want to see you in action. Please share a link to one of your favorite micro:bit projects with students. You can choose any format - video, website, slideshow, or something else.
  2. Share one professional goal you have set for yourself this year. How will becoming a micro:bit champion help you to achieve your professional goal? (300 words max)
Apply here

Frequently Asked Questions

What do micro:bit champions do?

Attend virtual monthly micro:bit meet ups with the Micro:bit Educational Foundation and stay up-to-date in your micro:bit knowledge. We hope you will be creative and present your ideas at conferences and events that you and other micro:bit champions decide to host yourselves.

What is the presentation kit and training that I will receive if I am selected as a micro:bit champion?

The presentation kit includes a slide deck and workshop activities focused on the do your :bit challenge. You will receive training so that you feel confident teaching others about micro:bit and the free resources available for their classrooms.

When did micro:bit champions start?

The pilot year for micro:bit champions is 2021. Educators selected for this pilot will be the first micro:bit champions.

How long will I be a micro:bit champion?

If you are selected, you will be a micro:bit champion from January 2021-June 2021.

Who can apply to this pilot?

This pilot is for all types of educators from anywhere in the world - librarians, after school organizers, classroom teachers and more. The main requirement is that you are currently helping students to build digital creativity with the micro:bit and that you want to help other educators do the same.

Why are you calling micro:bit champions a pilot?

To build the best programme possible, we are starting with a small number of micro:bit champions. Our goal is to learn how to create a programme that truly benefits both micro:bit champions and the educators they serve.

If you're only selecting a small number of champions, why should I apply?

If a program like this appeals to you, please apply and introduce yourself to us. We want to meet you!

Will micro:bit champions resources be available in languages other than English?

We currently provide teaching and learning resources translated into many languages, and that is our goal for micro:bit champions resources, too. In this pilot year, resources are only available in English.

Do I have to pay to join?

There is no cost to join, but you do need to submit an application. Not everyone who applies to this pilot will be selected.

How much time will this take?

Each month you will be invited to a 30 minute virtual meet up. After that, the time you spend is up to you. The micro:bit champions pilot shouldn't add work to your schedule, but support you in your professional goals of working with other educators.

I have a question that isn't answered here. Who can I write to?

Please send questions to Please use "micro:bit champions" in the subject line. ​