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User guide


Keep you and your students safe when using micro:bit

Safety tips

The BBC micro:bit is fun and simple to use. However, it’s also an exposed board with all the electrical parts on display. It’s been designed this way so you can see how the electronics are assembled, but this does mean there’s a small risk that the parts can be damaged.

Follow our tips below to ensure you and your students use the micro:bit safely and read our full safety guide for further information.

pupil examining back of micro:bit board
  • Handle your micro:bit with care and teach students to do the same.
  • Keep your micro:bit in the anti-static bag when not using it and teach students to earth themselves before handling it by quickly touching a metal object like a table leg.
  • Only handle your micro:bit by its edges and avoid touching the components when the power is running.
  • Use the battery pack and the USB lead provided to power your micro:bit.
  • Don't keep a damaged micro:bit. If you find any faults or damage to a micro:bit, contact us through our support site or the supplier it was purchased from immediately.

Student guide

This guide gives a quick visual overview for students to help them understand how to use the BBC micro:bit safely. You may like to talk through it with students prior to them using their micro:bits and print out a copy to post on the classroom wall.

Please also familiarise yourself with the full safety guide.

Help and support

We are keen to support you to use your BBC micro:bit and help you to get the best from your micro:bit experience.

You can get help and support for using your micro:bit from our large knowledge base, or if you need to discuss a damaged board or other urgent issue, please submit a new ticket via our support site.

Our skilled support team will work with you to resolve the problem, though please note that if you micro:bit was purchased, you should contact the supplier for how to return your micro:bit.

BBC micro:bit help and support
teacher showing micro:bit to pupils