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Our vision

The Micro:bit Educational Foundation is committed to supporting all children to create their best digital future. We strive to make our website, digital resources and physical products accessible to the widest possible audience.

  • As a teacher or student, you should be able to navigate most of our digital products and services (including, our code editors, and our technical support) using alternative access methods, such as using a screen reader, speech recognition software, or only a keyboard.
  • We acknowledge there is always more work to be done. We are actively reviewing our digital products to identify and remove any barriers. For more details see our accessibility roadmap.
  • We are actively working with end users to identify and promote best practices in the classroom involving students with varied access needs, including best practices to broaden access to our physical micro:bit device.

Contact us

  • We welcome feedback and requests relating to accessibility, and love to hear case studies of how you have adapted the micro:bit lessons, or have built assistive technology with the micro:bit. Please contact us at or via our support site.

Full accessibility statement

Our full accessibility statement provides information and guidance relating to the accessibility of our products and services including, our code editors, and our technical support.