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Beta testing

photo of a child using a micro:bit to measure soil moisture

What is beta testing?

Beta testing helps us improve micro:bit by trying out new software before it's more widely released. Your feedback helps us in our mission to inspire every child to create their best digital future by ensuring they have the best possible tools.

As a beta tester, you can help us to fix things that don't work for you, improve instructions and documentation, and suggest ideas. You will receive updates on the latest micro:bit developments via the beta testers newsletter.

Please note that the beta testing programme is only open to those aged 13 years and over.

Sign up as a beta tester

micro:bit betas

micro:bit classroom

micro:bit classroom is designed to help educators easily manage students’ work when programming the BBC micro:bit. You can share a program, review students’ work live, download a class report of completed work, and save the whole lesson to resume at a later date.

Use the Feedback button within the app to tell us what you think.

Visit micro:bit classroom beta

Python editor

The online Python editor beta contains a range of user experience changes and features that are being made ready for release, such as autocompletion.

Visit Python editor beta


The MakeCode for micro:bit beta contains new features checked in to the code base which the MakeCode team believe will make it into the next yearly release of the live editor.

Visit the MakeCode beta


Scratch betas will be announced by the Scratch team when they become available. We will update this page when support is enabled for the latest micro:bit.

Android app

A beta version of the micro:bit app for android devices is made available to testers prior to release. Testers will be notified when this happens, but you can also be sign up on the Play store listing page.

Download the Android beta

iOS app

The iOS is made available to beta testers through the TestFlightapp. Once you have downloaded this app, you will be notified when there is an updated version to test.

Download TestFlight for iOS

How do I report bugs?

Please create a support ticket including as much information as possible about your system (e.g. operating system, browser) and the experience from the perspectives of educator and student.