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Sound meter

Početni | MakeCode, Python | LED zaslon, Mikrofon | Rukovanje podacima, Ulaz (Input)/izlaz (Output)

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Što je to?

Measure how noisy it is around you using the new micro:bit's microphone sensor and a simple bar chart display.


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Što ćeš naučiti

  • How to use the new micro:bit's built-in microphone input sensor to measure how loud sounds are around you
  • How to display numerical data from input sensors graphically on the LED display output

Kako to radi

  • The new micro:bit's microphone measures sound levels in numbers between 0 and 255. 0 is the quietest and 255 is the loudest sound measurement it can make.
  • The code uses a forever loop to keep the microphone measuring sound levels and plotting a bar graph on the LED display.
  • The louder the sounds measured, the higher the bar graph gets.

Što ti treba

  • novi micro:bit sa zvukom (ili simulator u MakeCodeu)
  • Uređivač MakeCode ili Python
  • baterije (prema potrebi)

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3. korak: Unaprijedi

  • Create your own ways of displaying how loud a sound is, for example showing different emojis depending on how loud it is
  • Make a visual noise alarm that only flashes when the sound goes over a certain level - you could use this to help keep your classroom peaceful