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Children add tech to creative problem-solving in Japan

14 Apr 2022

The Micro:bit Educational Foundation has partnered with nine education organisations in Japan to increase access to teacher professional development training, and workshops for school children

The BBC micro:bit combines hardware and software designed to help school children learn computing subject knowledge and to develop digital skills vital to keeping up with the demands of global change and the impacts of technology on their personal and future professional lives.

Three thousand micro:bits will be donated to schools in this programme of partner training and workshop activity with funding from OKdo, one of the Foundation’s global distributors.

Japanese girl programs micro:bitChildren program using a laptop and micro:bitsJapanese boys programming using MakeCode

Highlights from partner programmes in 2022

  • Training for Elementary school teachers
  • Online training for female teachers
  • Programming contests for school children
  • Workshop clubs supporting teenagers growing-up in lower-income homes to provide access to digital technologies with informal learning environments

Collaborative partner organisations

CoderDojo Japan Association

Code for Everyone

Kids Code Club

Collaborative Impact on Education


Code for Japan



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Distribution partner: Switch Education, Inc.

Community volunteer translations

The Micro:bit Educational Foundation works together with volunteers on content translation to make the free educational resources accessible to teachers and students in their first language.

With great thanks to the community volunteers for their translation of educational resources including Get started materials, Make it:Code it project library and the Global Goals technology challenge, do your :bit.

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