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How to take part in the do your :bit challenge

05 Apr 2022

Enter our global competition and inspire the technologists of the future to bring about positive change in their community, or worldwide.

The annual micro:bit do your :bit challenge is open for entries until 15 July 2022. It’s so easy to run the challenge with your class and to use the free online resources.

The do your :bit competition asks students across the world aged 8-18 years old to come up with creative tech solutions that work towards the UN’s Global Goals.

It’s suitable for all students, whatever their coding experience; from complete beginners to those with more advanced programming skills- you don’t even need a micro:bit to enter. In fact, students entering category 1(8-14 years old) can submit a world-changing idea with no coding at all!

Not sure where to begin? There’s 3 steps to entering the challenge:

  1. Introduce the Global Goals to students using our Global Goals guides.

You can use the ‘Introduction to the Global Goals’ or focus on a specific goal, for example, Goal 13 - Climate Action

2. Have a go at some simple micro:bit projects.

If your students are entering in category 2 or 3, have a go at coding some simple micro:bit projects. A lot of the projects make use of the simulator- so there’s no problem if you don’t have a micro:bit yet!

Coupled with their new knowledge of the Global Goals, your student will start thinking how they could use technology to work towards achieving the Goals.

Students around the world participate in the do your :bit challenge

3. Now challenge students to come up with their own tech solution.

Perhaps they’ll tweak an existing micro:bit project, or maybe they’ll design something brand new. We’re looking for creative solutions that could really help tackle a problem in the community, or worldwide.

Hints and Tips

  • Ask your students to consider what problems are affecting their community.
    • Are wildfires affecting their home?
    • Do they have lived experience of the effect of climate change?
    • Is there a family member that could be supported to live a healthier lifestyle with the help of some revolutionary tech? ·
  • Use the ‘Challenge Checklist’ to prepare an entry before submission.
  • Make the most of the written statement- we ask for a project name, a description of it, how it works and who it would help.

If you’re needing some inspiration, read about previous do your :bit winners or hear what other educators have to say about do your :bit.

We’d love to hear from teachers and students taking part in the do your :bit challenge. Please share on social media using the hashtag #microbit

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