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micro:bit LIVE 2020 virtual

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Join educators, researchers, and the developer community for micro:bit LIVE 2020 virtual, an online event December 4-5. There is no cost to register and attend.

Sold out

Our free but limited tickets are now sold out. Please look for the micro:bit LIVE 2020 virtual playlist on the Micro:bit Educational Foundation's Youtube channel coming soon.

Conference agenda

Friday, December 4

Lightning talks - five minutes

  • Connections in the classroom: making micro:bit an integral option, Yolanda Payne
  • Online micro:bit K-12 teacher professional development, Karen Nolan & Roisin Faherty
  • Large scale professional learning: using the micro:bit to build engagement with teachers and communities, Nicola O’Brien
  • micro:bit study buddy, Kevin Thomas
  • Rallied to love learning - a story of Lithuania's teachers, Viltautė Žvirzdinaitė
  • Tinker, make, and innovate with micro:bit + Tinkercad, Dori Friedman

Interactive sessions - twenty five minutes

  • Authoring MakeCode extensions, Abhijith Chatra
  • Making and moving with the micro:bit & Scratch, Kreg Hanning, Kristin Osiecki, and Jacy Edelman
  • Top ten MakeCode tips and tricks, Jacqueline Russell and Peli de Halleux
  • Turning remote learning into student choice, Melissa Wrenchey

Digital lounges

  • micro:bit orchestra, Captain Credible
  • micro:bit educational resources
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Saturday, December 5

Lightning talks - five minutes

  • In person and remote learning with micro:bit, Nicholas Provenzano
  • Interactive pets with the micro:bit and machine learning, Tiffany Tseng
  • Doing science, but in a fun way: hacking the dino game, Thiago Tamer
  • #LibrariesFromHome: remote coding, Claire Duffield & Mark Kirkby

Interactive sessions - twenty five minutes

  • An innovative education for all, Debora Garofalo
  • Changing lives with the micro:bit in the Amazon region of Brazil, Tiago Cauassa
  • Developing a regional K-12 digital transformation and resilience programme, Chris Ng
  • Exploring sound with the micro:bit V2 and MicroBlocks, John Maloney and Bernat Romagosa
  • How the Brazilian institution SESI uses the micro:bit in a daily school routine, despite the pandemic, Clayton Rafael Ribeiro Junior
  • Introduction to Makecode with micro:bit, Lorraine Underwood
  • Introduction to MicroPython, Sarah Townson
  • Teach your micro:bit new tricks with machine learning, Jan Jongboom
  • Tools for organising online digital making competitions, YJ Soon
  • Infusing indigenous perspectives using the micro:bit, Kim Kirk
  • Virtual learning event 'ultra:bit LIVE', Katrine Holst and Camilla Balslev Nielsen
  • micro:bit and V2 as part of making, invention, and creativity in a primary school, Stu Lowe
  • micro:bit classroom & how I use it with my students during lockdown, Nicholas Hughes
  • The Sparklet for micro:bit - a game changing 16x16 color display accessory, Tom Ball & Gavin Jancke

Panel discussion - twenty five minutes

  • Teaching in a pandemic: challenges and opportunities, Amber Cui, Cat Lamin, Elisa Cristi, Yi Thing

Digital lounges

  • micro:bit orchestra, Captain Credible
  • micro:bit educational resources
micro:bit live 2020 virtual logo

Meet the team behind this year’s event

powered by fair chance learning logo

micro:bit LIVE 2020 virtual is made possible with this international committee dedicated to inspiring every child to create their best digital future.

  • Martha Jez, Committee Chair, CEO Fair Chance Learning, Canada
  • Dr. Keith Quille, TU Dublin and CSinc, Ireland
  • Jacqueline Russell, Program Manager Microsoft Make Code, USA
  • Jon Haavie, Project Developer super:bit Oslo Science Center, The National Museum of Science and Technology, Norway
  • Kate Elders, Global Partnerships Lead, British Council, UK
  • Michael Stone, Director of Innovative Learning, Public Education Foundation, USA
  • Turner Lam, Head of International Collaboration, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
  • YJ Soon, Co-founder, Tinkercademy, Singapore
  • Aimee Fagan, Producer, Education Programmes and Research, Micro:bit Educational Foundation
  • Carlos Pereira Atencio, Software Engineer, Micro:bit Educational Foundation
  • Katie Henry, Head of Partner Engagement, N. America Micro:bit Educational Foundation
  • Waris Candra, Head of Asia Pacific, Micro:bit Educational Foundation