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Unit of work

Barefoot - litter hunt

Computer systems, Programming | MakeCode | 7-11 yrs

Lessons summary

Lessons aimed at pupils aged 9-11. Pupils use buttons and sensors on the micro:bit to make different images display, are introduced to the concept of variables, and create a device that records details of litter that can be recycled in the local area. You will need to use physical micro:bits and battery packs for these lessons.

The unit comprises two lessons of approximately 60 minutes each:

  1. Discovering sensors and buttons by coding a game
  2. Use variables to code a device for counting different types of litter

These lessons are provided by Barefoot, a UK-based organisation that provides computing resources to primary schools.

Learning objectives

  • I can explain what the buttons and sensors on the micro:bit do
  • I can program sensors and buttons using the MakeCode editor
  • I can store data with variables using the MakeCode editor
  • I can design a counting device using the micro:bit
  • I can program a counting device using the MakeCode editor
  • I can use a counting device to record data

Additional skills

Collaboration, evaluation, presenting, problem-solving.

You will need

Downloadable resources:

  • Lesson slides
  • Lesson plan
  • Student handouts

Other resources:

  • bin bags (optional)
  • litter picker (optional)
  • micro:bit battery packs
  • pencils
  • rubber gloves (optional)
  • timers / stopwatches
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These lessons are contributed by Barefoot. If you wish to download the videos for this lesson, please visit the Barefoot website.

This content is published under an Open Government licence.