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do your :bit winners

22 Apr 2020

Today we announce the winners and runners up of our global challenge for children and teens to combine creativity and technology to solve problems based around the UN Global Goals.

Since the launch of do your :bit in September 2019, children around the world have been working on their own solutions to local and global problems. Here are the winners from each region:

Africa winners


Asia & Pacific winner

Asia & Pacific

European winners photo


Middle East winner photo

Middle East

North America winner

North America

Latin America winners

Latin America

Regional winners and runners-up

We were hugely impressed by the diversity and imagination showed by so many young people who invented ways technology like the micro:bit can solve challenges faced by life on land and life in water.

Read more about the inspirational winners and runners up on the do your : bit winners page:

do your :bit winners page
2 children making with micro:bit

Get inspired

If you're inspired get your students or own children thinking about the environment and helping people stay fit and healthy, our Design challenges are based around the UN Global Goals and have the activities and sample code you need.

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We've also got quick and easy projects relating to the Global Goals. Track biodiversity by counting birds you see from your window, log temperature changes or make a safety light that switches on when it gets dark.

Count skips, jumps, birds - or anything!

Make a simple thermometer with your micro:bit

Create a light that turns on when it’s dark

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