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Keep active at home

06 Apr 2020

Keeping active, or just agreeing what to do, can be a challenge for families at the best of times. We've gathered some micro:bit projects to help.

Activity trackers and pickers

If you're doing PE with Joe or taking a walk in your neighbourhood, try making a micro:bit step counter to track how active you're being each day. Start with our simplest project, improve it by making the battery last longer, then find out more about how the micro:bit's motion sensor works and make it even more sensitive:

Make your own step counter with a micro:bit

We've also added some brand-new projects. Keep count of scores, star jumps or anything with a micro:bit counter. If you can't agree on what to do, try one of our Activity pickers:

Count skips, jumps, birds - or anything!

Can't agree on what to do? Let your micro:bit decide!

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micro:bits around the world

This video from Japan is inspirational, full of ideas for how you can add micro:bits to physical games. How would you code the egg and spoon race? Have a go at making your own and share the results with us.

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