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Earth Day

20 Apr 2020

Wednesday 22nd of April is Earth Day so we’ve got some ideas to get you thinking about the environment, whether on a global scale, in your neighbourhood or even inside your home.

micro:bit on a desert island

Design challenges

It’s no coincidence that we'll be announcing the regional winners of our global do your :bit competition on Wednesday. Many of our winners were inspired by our Design challenges, activities to inspire technical solutions to environmental issues highlighted by the UN Global Goals on life on land and life in water.

You don’t even need a physical micro:bit to try some of these activities, you can use the MakeCode simulator to create code to make prototypes of real devices that could help protect fish, turtles or plants.

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Simple projects to try at home

Here are three simple makes to get you thinking about the environment in your home or back yard. Use the counter to track birds or other plant or animal species you can see from your window, keep a log of daily temperature highs and lows or make a prototype alarm that warns when a tree is being cut down.

Count skips, jumps, birds - or anything!

Make a radio-controlled burglar alarm

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micro:bits around the world

Automating plant watering with a micro:bit is a popular idea. This short video from Tinkercademy in Singapore shows how you could do this in a beautifully simple way, using just a servo motor and a drinking straw:

MakeCode plant watering project

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