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User guide: How to use the BBC micro:bit - the next gen equipment

User guide

How to use the BBC micro:bit - the next gen equipment

The BBC micro:bit - the next gen classroom pack includes your micro:bit donation, plus some additional equipment to help you get started and get the most out of your micro:bits.

Your box will contain:

  • 30 micro:bits
  • 30 USB leads
  • 30 battery packs and 60 batteries
  • 30+ wearable straps
  • 30 flexible micro:bit holders

The USB lead allows you to power your micro:bit, and most importantly, transfer code to your micro:bit.

The battery pack allows you to power your micro:bit away from your computer, so you can take it wherever you wish.

The flexible micro:bit holders can be used to attach the battery pack neatly to the micro:bit, and when combined with the wearable strap, they allow you to wear your micro:bit on your wrist. There are 2 options for how to do this as demonstrated in the video above.

A sequence of lessons that provide a pathway through six projects, ideal for getting started with the micro:bit. Students develop their use of some core computing concepts by coding and making practical projects including step counters, nightlights, and games.