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User guide: Mobile apps

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Mobile apps for iPad and Android tablets

Code your micro:bit using iOS or Android devices

MakeCode apps for iPad, iPhone and Android

You can program your BBC micro:bit with Microsoft MakeCode blocks on an iPad, iPhone or Android device. You'll need to download the free app which sends code to your micro:bit using Bluetooth.

iPad using the BBC micro:bit app for MakeCode

Download the app

Pair your micro:bit with the app

Once you've downloaded the app and started coding, connect your micro:bit to your phone or tablet. This is called pairing.

The app searches for a signal from the micro:bit and then they swap a unique code to make sure the right micro:bit is paired with your app. The app contains instructions and you can see how it works in these videos:

iPad and iPhone


Top tips

  • Before you start, it’s a good idea to use a computer to flash a fresh MakeCode HEX file onto your micro:bit, especially if you’ve previously been using Python with your micro:bit. Use your own program or any of our MakeCode projects.
  • Make sure you pair your micro:bit and mobile device every time you transfer a MakeCode program.
  • When pairing, make sure you hold down the A and B buttons together long enough for all the LEDs on the display to light up.
  • If you’re using batteries to power your micro:bit, make sure they are fresh. Even if the micro:bit seems to be working, it may not have enough power for the Bluetooth radio function to work.
  • For help with the apps and any other aspects of micro:bit, check out our Knowledge base or submit a help request.