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User guide

The iOS micro:bit app

Code the micro:bit using your iOS mobile device

About the app

You can program any micro:bit in Microsoft MakeCode using our iOS app. It uses Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) to transfer programs wirelessly from your iOS device to the micro:bit, so no USB cable is needed. First you need to pair your micro:bit:

Guide to pairing mobile apps

Monitor and control

The 'Monitor and control' section of the iOS app allows you to observe real-time data from the micro:bit sensors, send messages directly to the LEDs and control the micro:bit buttons and pins from your iPad or iPhone.

Monitor is also ideal for exploiting Bluetooth services in real-time, and for de-bugging your program code.

These facilities are only available if you have added Bluetooth services these to your program, or use one of the samples like ‘monitor-services’ in the 'Flash' page of the app.

To use the monitor and control features, before pairing download the HEX file below and copy it onto the micro:bit via USB. It will update the Bluetooth pairing software on the micro:bit to the latest version and run through the instructions for entering pairing mode.

Download pairing HEX file


You can create many MakeCode projects on your phone or tablet. We've chosen a few to get you started:

The micro:bit iOS app is developed by Insight Resources on behalf of the Micro:bit Educational Foundation.