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Design challenge

Healthy oceans

Computational thinking, Computer systems, Design & technology, Global Goals, Networks | MakeCode | 11-14 yrs, 14-16 yrs

Activity 2

Oil spill cleaner-upper


This activity is in two parts, you can do either part – or both. The first part can be completed with no additional hardware or even micro:bits, comprising a challenge to design an efficient algorithm to clean an area of sea. The second part builds on this to create an autonomous vehicle that can mop up oil spills.

Learning objectives

  • Understand what the Global Goals are
  • Understand what goal 14 is and its significance
  • Produce an Oil Spill Cleaner-Upper product to meet the success criteria
  • Develop the product further with additional features

You will need

Downloadable resources:

  • Lesson plan
  • Lesson slides
  • Student handouts
    • Activity sheet
    • IPO worksheet (Word)
    • IPO worksheet (PDF)
  • HEX files
    • no build
    • Oil cleaner - with making

Other resources:

Waterproof material (optional), floating materials (optional), servo motors & control board (optional), sponge (optional), jumper wires (optional)

Arm School Program

These projects are contributed by the Arm School Program

Lesson plan