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World Oceans Day

08 Jun 2020
micro:bit with sea, fish and a boat

It’s World Oceans Day on Monday 8th June and the BBC micro:bit is ready to help!

As well as our recent videos on light-up fishing nets and saving sea turtles, we have longer Design Challenge projects, perfect for teachers to use to unleash students’ creativity and problem-solving skills.

Design challenges are all about identifying a problem, then creating simple working prototypes in code to show how technology and human ingenuity can help our environment.

Ocean health monitor

Make working prototypes of wireless sensors which could be used to monitor the environment at sea, including waves and weather and learn about how real-world sensors are connected through gateways to the internet.

Oil spill cleaner-upper

You don’t even need a micro:bit to start this challenge to design an efficient algorithm to clean an area of sea. The second part builds on this to create an autonomous vehicle that can mop up oil spills.

Healthy oceans challenges

The healthy oceans design challenges were created by our friends at the Arm School Program.

What will you make?

Let us know how you got on by sharing your project with us. Use the #microbit hashtag on Twitter or Facebook.

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