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初級 | MakeCode, Python | LED表示 | アルゴリズム, 入出力, 反復処理

ステップ1: 作る


Turn your BBC micro:bit into a scrolling name badge with just a few instructions.




  • This project makes a great introduction to coding the micro:bit.
  • You’ll discover how easy it is to create sets of instructions, or algorithms, in code, which is a language a computer like a micro:bit can understand.
  • The program you’ll create scrolls text across the screen to show your name.
  • It uses an infinite loop which keeps your name scrolling on the micro:bit’s LED display output until you unplug the micro:bit from its battery or USB lead.


  • micro:bit(またはMakeCodeシミュレーター)
  • MakeCodeまたはPythonエディター
  • バッテリーパック(オプション)

ステップ2: プログラムする

ステップ3: 改善する

  • Add more ‘show string’ blocks to say more about yourself.
  • Add a ‘show icon’ block to show how you’re feeling or express your personality.
  • Design a way of wearing your micro:bit badge using thread, tape or Velcro. (金属がmicro:bitを損傷する可能性があるため、安全ピンは使用しないでください。)