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User guide: Scratch cards

User guide


Add some micro:bit magic to Scratch!

Printable micro:bit Scratch cards

The micro:bit page at the Scratch website has all you need to get started, and we have some awesome projects to get you going: five sets of micro:bit Scratch resources cards you can download and print out. They're in PowerPoint format so you can edit them to suit your own needs.


the Scratch cat running in front of a cartoon background with a timer in the top right showing zero
Download stopwatch cards


three cartoon dinosaurs under spotlights with one asking, "Are you ready to dance?"
Download dance cards


lines of different colours connected together with the Scratch cat at the end of one line
Download drawing cards


micro:bit showing a smiley face on the its LED display
Download display cards


foil strips on a piece of cardboard decorated as a piano connected to a micro:bit using crocodile clips
Download music cards

More micro:bit projects for Scratch

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