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Videos from micro:bit LIVE

14 Dec 2021

Find out about the latest BBC micro:bit innovations by watching videos from micro:bit LIVE

micro:bit LIVE was an online event featuring 80 educators, researchers, and technical developers from 28 countries who spoke about their work with the BBC micro:bit in the last year.

The event kicked off with a presentation by Mitch Resnick and Shawna Young. Mitch Resnick’s research group developed the programming language Scratch, that makes it easier for children to learn coding by creating animations and video games. Shawna Young is the Executive Director of the Scratch Foundation.

Watch the opening keynote with Mitch and Shawna here.

Mitch Resnick, Lego Papert Professor of Learning Research, MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, USA, and Shawna Young, Executive Director, Scratch Foundation, Boston

Other presentations

Here is just a small selection of clips to help develop your knowledge of teaching with and using the micro:bit:

Computational thinking curriculums for micro:bit

micro:bit across an entire primary school

Computational thinking curriculums for micro:bit, Tiago Cauassa, Teacher, Brazil
Learn how to teach computational thinking with micro:bit, following international computer science standards.

micro:bit across an entire primary school, Stu Lowe, Head of Learning Technology, Hong Kong
Learn how the micro:bit can be integrated across the primary school curriculum at all ages and learn how to apply this to your own school.

Meaningful micro:bit practices

Playful intro to Scratch and micro:bit

Meaningful micro:bit practices, Yolanda Payne, Shaina Glass & Carla Neely, Educators, USA
Learn how three educators are using micro:bits to engage students and teachers across a variety of settings.

Playful intro to Scratch & micro:bit, Eric Rosenbaum, Product Manager & Tracy Tang, International Outreach Manager, Scratch Foundation, Boston
Scratch's simple code blocks talk to micro:bit in real-time, so it's easy to tinker. Make game controllers, musical instruments and more!

Ultra-simple machine learning demo for students

How to integrate the micro:bit into your STEM lessons

Ultra-simple machine learning demo for students, Giles Booth, Educational Content Manager, Micro:bit Educational Foundation, London
A demo of machine learning that's easy for students to understand: teach a computer its number bonds to 10 using Python and a micro:bit!

How to integrate the micro:bit into your STEM lessons, Sharon Ikechi, Curriculum Developer and Product Manager, Nigeria
Learn how to use the micro:bit to teach STEM lessons and host a micro:bit design thinking workshop with your students.

a micro:bit, a boy and his bulldog

Teacher training snapshots

A micro:bit, a boy, and his bulldog, Jennifer Ferguson, STEAM Facilitator, Canada
Learn how a student-led inquiry used a micro:bit to solve a real-world problem - notifying him when his bulldog named Smudge had seizures.

Teacher trainings snapshots, Michelle Borda, Creative Educator, UK
What teachers taught while discovering the micro:bit. The joys, wins, sorrows and challenges of educators in various parts of the world.

Other videos

To explore dozens of other informative videos from micro:bit LIVE, visit our YouTube channel.

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