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New free teacher PD course launched

06 Dec 2021

Free professional development course launched on Pathfinders Online Platform

Today marks the start of Computer Science Education Week in the US #CSEdWeek. With this annual celebration of the teachers, students and partnerships that make CS a creative and empowering subject for all, the Micro:bit Educational Foundation launches Project Trix, micro:bit lessons for CS.

The free professional development course for teachers is now available on the Pathfinders Online Institute. The course is made possible with generous funding from the Infosys Foundation USA. It is created to bring the delight of physical computing to Elementary Computer Science lessons and designed to support educators looking for ways to integrate CS into their classrooms.

BBC micro:bit give-away to US Elementary teachers

To help get educators started with physical computing the Infosys Foundation USA are funding 5,000 BBC micro:bit devices to give-away for free to US educators teaching grades 3-5 in schools receiving title 1 funding. Register your interest to receive a set of ten micro:bits on the course page of the Pathfinders Online Institute.

To access the application form, first register or log-in to the Pathfinders Online Platform. The micro:bit give-away form can be found on the new course page, micro:bit lessons for CS, ‘Project Trix’.

micro:bit give-away

Ideas to engage young minds 

The activities in Project Trix are designed to excite and engage young minds. The lessons use character and narrative to establish purpose: Trix is a young visitor destined to join students in class and the lesson sequence follows ways to create welcoming experiences to enjoy together.

Projects to inspire imagination and creativity:

  • Build a badge to express your emotions
  • Learn to use radio communication
  • Make the night light up with stars
  • Create a species counter
  • Write poetry together
  • Make a virtual pet
  • Create an interactive dance party

Being a new person in class or at a club is a common experience that we share and Trix is created to help establish that connection and give meaning to students when learning to code and build the special projects with the micro:bit.

Lesson resources mapped to CSTA Standards

Each lesson is mapped to CSTA standards so you can see what your students will be learning. Topics focused on include:

  • Programming concepts
  • Computational thinking
  • Computer systems
  • Networks and the Internet

Video guides introduce educators to each project, the programming concepts and computational thinking covered. Step-by-step coding videos provide support when learning to program the micro:bit in the Microsoft MakeCode editor.

Printable project guides provide supplementary CS subject knowledge content, additional student tasks and curriculum mapping to the CSTA Standards for Grades 3 to 5.

Register to discover Project Trix, a new free PD course, micro:bit lessons for CS.

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