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Support well-being with the micro:bit

08 Sep 2021

Support well-being in your micro:bit lessons with free projects that teachers and students will love

Focusing on children’s well-being can help to keep them safe and ensure they have positive outcomes in adulthood. This set of activity ideas is designed to make children feel good about themselves and contribute to their self-care routines.

Positivity generator

  • Ask your students to program their micro:bits to choose a positive statement at random, which they can repeat to themselves throughout the day. It could help to reinforce their sense of self-worth.
  • This program uses the micro:bit’s accelerometer, its ability to make random numbers and its LED display output to show different affirmations.
  • The program generates a random number between 1 and 6 then uses if… then… else… if… statements to make different affirmations appear depending on the number. This is known as selection.
  • The program doesn’t need to check if the number is 1, because if it’s not 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, it must be 1.

What you need

  • micro:bit (or MakeCode simulator)
  • MakeCode or Python editor
  • battery pack (optional)

Code it

Affirmation generator
Open the code in the MakeCode editor

Improve it

  • students can add their own positive statements or affirmations
  • try using different inputs such as the micro:bit’s buttons to generate affirmations
  • add an image before or after a positive statement, or on its own

Other micro:bit well-being projects

The calming LEDs project can help you to unwind; the sensory toy is great for students who respond to stimulation through touch, light and sound; and the nightlight can soothe those who are anxious in the dark.

Create an automatic light that turns on when it’s dark.

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