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Make a micro:bit weather station

06 Jul 2020

You can use your micro:bit to monitor the weather and environment around you.

As well as a built-in temperature sensor, you can use the micro:bit’s compass, accelerometer, light-sensor and radio features to record information about the weather. We even have a brand new data logger project that stores sensor readings on your micro:bit and keeps the data safe even when you unplug the power source.

We love this inspirational video from our friends at Kids Code Jeunesse in Canada:

Kids Code Jeunesse

You can read more about the creation of this project in Zahraa Horeibi's blog post on the KCJ website.

Hack your own weather station

Using this and other projects as starting points, you could:

  • Make a micro:bit anemometer to measure the wind strength. You could create your own version of the Beaufort scale of wind speeds
  • A weather vane using the micro:bit’s compass
  • A rain gauge using a float and tilt sensor
  • Use the light sensor to measure how sunny it is outside or make a sunshine recorder
  • Send environmental data from outside back indoors using radio communication
  • Try our brand new temperature logger project that records high and low temperatures on your micro:bit and keeps the data safe even if the batteries run out or you unplug it from its power source

Projects to get you started

Make a simple thermometer with your micro:bit

Share your creations

Whatever you make, be sure to share it on Facebook or Twitter using the #microbit hashtag.

Our planet micro:bit webinar

This week’s micro:bit webinar is all about making projects to help our planet. You can take part with live chat, watch live on YouTube or view it back at a time that suits you.

In each webinar we show you three simple makes, perfect for newcomers using the micro:bit and for those learning at home.

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