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Getting started: Start teaching

Getting started

4. Start teaching with the micro:bit

Discover our range of free resources to support teaching and learning with the micro:bit

Where do I start?

These resources are a great place to start. Bookmark them for easy access later.

A sequence of lessons that provide a pathway through six projects, ideal for getting started with the micro:bit. Students develop their use of some core computing concepts by coding and making practical projects including step counters, nightlights, and games.

Visit our Teach section

The ‘Teach’ section of our website is bursting with free resources and ideas to help you inspire your students with the micro:bit. What will you explore first?

You will find online courses, lessons and a range of other resources. It also links to micro:bit classroom which is our tool to support whole class teaching, as well as to our micro:bit Python Editor.

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