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Cookie tin alarm

初学者 | MakeCode, Python | LED显示器, 光传感器 | 传感器, 数字 & 位置值 , 选择

第 1 步:动手吧


有人经常动你的存钱罐吗? 来制作你的 BBC micro:bit 程序使其发送警报让你知道! 你将学习选择、比较逻辑和 micro:bit 的光线传感器。



  • 这个程序会使用 micro:bit’s LED 的光线传感器.
  • 把你的 micro:bit 放进你想保护的罐子里。 当盖打开时,光线传感器检测到光照亮度的变化并触发报警。
  • 该程序使用一个循环来持续检测光照亮度。
  • Selection ('if... else') and comparison logic (> 30) are used so that if the light level is above a certain amount, an angry face appears on the display; else, it clears the screen.


  • micro:bit或者是MakeCode模拟器
  • MakeCode编辑器
  • 电池盒
  • 我们的设置指南会对你有所帮助

第 2 步:编程


  • Adjust the program, removing the "else" part of the comparison, so that the angry face remains on the micro:bit’s display whatever the light level so that you can tell someone has opened your tin.
  • Add an audible alarm using blocks from the music section of the MakeCode editor.
  • Count how many times your tin has been opened by introducing a variable into the program.
  • If you have two micro:bits, use the radio function to send you a signal as soon as your tin has been opened. Take a look at the light alarm project to find out how to do this.