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Water bottle alert

Iniciante | MakeCode, Python | Acelerômetro | Saúde

Primeiro passo: o projeto

O que é?

Turn your BBC micro:bit into a water bottle alert, so you can tell if someone else has drunk from it. You will learn how to use the micro:bit's LED display and accelerometer.

Estes dois vídeos mostram o que você fará e como desenvolver o código:

Como funciona:

  • The micro:bit shows a heart on its LED display when your water bottle is upright.
  • The LED display shows a warning cross when a tilt is detected by the micro:bit’s accelerometer. The cross stays there until you reset the program by pressing the reset button on the back of the micro:bit or by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery.
  • An accelerometer measures forces in three dimensions, including gravity, so your projects can tell which way up your micro:bit is.

Itens necessários:

  • Um micro:bit (ou simulador MakeCode);
  • Editor MakeCode;
  • Conjunto de baterias;

Segundo passo: é hora de programar

1# Imports go at the top
2from microbit import *
7while True:
8    if accelerometer.was_gesture('right'):

Terceiro passo: vamos deixar o código ainda melhor

  • Find a way to reset the program without using the micro:bit’s reset button, for example by pressing button A or B to show a heart icon.
  • Add an audible alarm using blocks from the music section of the MakeCode editor.