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10 times teachers were legends with micro:bits

05 Oct 2023

There are lots of creative ways to bring coding to life with micro:bits, and we've picked some of our favourites to celebrate World Teachers' Day. Thank you to all the incredible educators who are bringing digital skills into classrooms all over the world.

Student Madeline, joining her class online to code with the micro:bit

Bringing students together with micro:bit

Madeline, a 6th grade student in California, USA, is fighting an aggressive bone cancer so can’t go to school. But she’s keeping in touch with her classmates over video link, and was introduced to micro:bit by her teacher, Lisa. With the micro:bit, she’s able to learn and collaborate together with her classmates, and is a certified coding convert.

Her favourite projects have been coding dice so she can play a game, a fortune teller that gives people a response to questions they ask, and a candle that blows out when you blow on the micro:bit. She enjoys the creativity and endless projects that the micro:bit provides.

Thanks so much to Lisa and Madeline for sharing your story, we're sending Madeline all the best wishes for a good recovery.

Jose Gonzalez, a teacher in Compton, USA, works with his students to create micro:bit projects such as this bike indicator glove

Inspirational ideas from around the world

Here's nine more super stories that have been shared with us through social media:

Have you seen a great example of how micro:bits have been used creatively in the classroom? We'd love to hear it. Get in touch with us with your stories:

In the meantime, if you want to try some ideas of your own, start with our Make it: code it projects.

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