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Worldwide challenge for students opens

11 Jan 2022

Enter our global competition and inspire the technologists of the future to bring about positive change

Challenge your class to develop a world-changing idea using the BBC micro:bit by entering our prestigious global competition. do your :bit challenges students aged 8 to 18 to come up with solutions for the UN’s Global Goals by using technology to tackle the issues we’re facing today. 

do your :bit

The competition is suitable for all, from complete beginners to those with more advanced programming skills. Individuals or small groups from your class or club can enter one of three categories:

  • 8 to 14-year-olds, paper prototype category
  • 8 to 14-year-olds, working solution category
  • 15 to 18-year-olds, working solution category

There will be winners and runners up in each category in North America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Pacific, Europe and Latin America. Prizes include sets of micro:bits and micro:bit accessories for your school or coding club to enjoy.

It’s easy to take part

There are lots of resources on our website to help you get started including:

  • engaging video and activities introducing the UN’s Global Goals
  • step-by-step programming projects to give your students an idea of what the micro:bit can do and which could act as a starting point for their solutions
  • inspiring articles about and videos of previous winners explaining what their solutions were, how they work, and the problems they solve in their part of the world
  • easy-to-follow instructions on how to take part in the competition

Some of last year’s winners’ and runners ups' thoughts on taking part

The competition could spark an interest in technology and benefitting others that could last a lifetime.

Self-cleaning locker

Asthma prevention idea

Chi Kei and Ho Tung from China invented a parcel locker, which disinfects parcels with UVC light while they are in storage. The students had their idea when they read scientific reports which show that UVC light eliminates 99.9% of microorganisms in just 25 minutes. Their design incorporates an LED light display, which shows when it is safe to remove parcels from the locker.

Chi Kei and Ho Tung said, "We are delighted to be a runner-up, it is a dream come true. We put a lot of effort into preparing for this competition, and we were overjoyed to get this recognition... We are also grateful to our teachers, who have provided us with a great deal of encouragement, assistance and guidance, allowing us to continue to enhance our invention."

Rajunor, age 13, from Nigeria, was one of last year’s winners of the 8 to 14-year-old paper prototype category for Africa. She helped to come up with a solution to alert people to environmental changes that could cause asthma attacks. She said, “taking part in do your :bit has inspired me to know how to use technology in solving real-life problems.”

Phone-charging shoe

Device to detect deforestation

In Malaysia, Ahmad, Mifzal and Muhammad invented an "Oxygen Percentage Analyser" to detect deforestation in a more efficient way than using satellite images. They won the 15 to 18-year-old category for Asia and Pacific.

They said, "We feel honored and grateful to receive such a great achievement in our life. This achievement is dedicated to our beloved mentors, teachers, school and our country. Even though we are not really exposed to the world of technology with coding things, the journey we took was precious."

Clara, from USA, built the innovative "Hermes" shoe that charges your phone as you walk. Clara said, "I am so happy I got to be a part of this challenge and had the chance to learn so much from the experience."

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