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micro:bit holiday activities

03 Dec 2020

Some festive ideas for the holiday season to keep you and young learners busy and creative with the micro:bit, with new projects and old ones given a seasonal twist.

Snow-covered tree and candles

Blow out the candle!

These videos show you how to use the new micro:bit with a built-in microphone to make a candle that you can 'blow' out - and back on again!

Animated decorations

The Shining sunbeams animation also works really well as a Christmas decoration - the LED patterns also look like stars and would look fantastic hanging up in windows or on a tree.

Light up when it gets dark

Save energy and create a wonderful effect by making decorations that use the micro:bit's built-in light sensor to light up when it gets dark. Give the Sunlight sensor project a seasonal twist by modifying the code so that it lights up the light level is less than (<) 100 instead of greater than (>) 100.

Mix and match

Why not combine the code from Shining sunbeams and Sunlight sensor to make an animated decoration that lights up only in the dark, saving batteries and creating a lovely effect?

Download the code

Each project has a guide and code you can open in the MakeCode and Python editors, or just download the .hex file and flash it straight on to your micro:bit:

Blow out an electronic candle

More projects to modify

  • Check out the Frère Jacques loops project and remix it to play your favourite festive tune or Christmas carol. If you have more than one micro:bit, try getting them to play a 'round'.
    Hint: here are the notes you need to play the start of 'Jingle Bells':
    E E E E E E
    E G C D E
    F F F F F E E
    E E E D D E D G
  • If you've been given a new micro:bit with sound, get in the party mood with our Disco lights that glow in time with music...
  • ...or create your own micro:bit pet with expressive sounds and emojis as a gift for someone you care for.

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