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Hands-on Science


Hands-on Science (part of Lekolar) are helping to reach teachers across Sweden with micro:bit by offering teacher training and hardware packages to embed the device in schools.

trainer recording videos

Filming teacher training materials

Curriculum context

In 2018, computing concepts were integrated into the Swedish curriculum as compulsory learning. The subject matter must be delivered both as a general competence in ICT and in the core subjects of maths, science and technology.

While some coding skills are developed, the core focus is that learners explore programming as a pedagogical tool and problem-solving process. To embed the required skills and training in schools, many training offers have been developed and iterated upon to support teachers deliver the new curriculum requirements.

Training material and content

The micro:bit training offered by Hands-on Science is generally aimed at non-specialists. The training programme offers 3-hour workshop sessions beginning first with an introduction into digital skills, computational thinking and coding, then an introduction to the micro:bit as an entry point into programmable devices and IoT.

Teachers then take part in paired or group work getting hands-on with the micro:bit and for many it is their first time programming. The group work is considered essential to focus on collaborative activities that teachers can take forward into the classroom.

The teaching resources which are made available afterwards to all participating schools focus on activities and projects at the introductory level, helping to get schools started with micro:bit.

Class sets of 10 micro:bits are also sold through the training package for a whole class to use collaboratively, with an estimated 25,000 micro:bits sold into Swedish schools in 2019.