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do your :bit at Ceibal's Olimpíada


For Ceibal's 10th Olympiad, a dedicated 'do your :bit' category was introduced, another milestone in their long partnership with Micro:bit Educational Foundation.

Building educational innovation in Uruguay

Ceibal is Uruguay's initiative to integrate technology into learning, fostering innovation, inclusion and personal growth. Spreading digital tools for education has long been a priority in Uruguay, and Ceibal have been at the forefront of introducing computational thinking into the curriculum. Ceibal's partnership with the Micro:bit Educational Foundation goes back to 2018, when they first piloted this curriculum with the micro:bit. Since then, we have continued to build on this partnership, increasing the scale and access to micro:bits, support and resources throughout Uruguay.

A record-breaking event

To showcase young people's creative thinking and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths) projects, Ceibal host an annual competition event. 2023 saw the 10ma Olimpíada De Robótica, Programación Y Videojuegos (the 10th Robotics, Programming And Video Games Olympiad) break records with attendance of over 5000 students and 371 teachers. The Olympiad was an inspirational celebration of what young people can do with technology.

For the first time there was a category dedicated to micro:bit projects. The 'do your :bit' category encouraged students to design physical computing projects to meet real-world problems, aligned with the UN's Global Goals. We loved seeing such a huge range of projects. Whether it was something built from items found around the home, or something involving lots of exciting accessories, all the projects were inspiring, creative, and demonstrated innovative thinking.

Celebrating amazing projects

From detecting whether a container is reusable or not, to a braille translator, to a mate drink temperature controller, the range of projects was brilliant. The number of projects that were recognised just shows how high the level of creativity and innovation was throughout the entries.

Explore the projects commended at the Olympiad:

You can also see all the entrants (filter by the 'do your :bit' category) on Ceibal's website.

Congratulations to all the participants in the do your :bit category at the Olympiad!

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