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Unit of work

Getting active

Computational thinking, Programming, Sciences | MakeCode | 7-11 yrs

Lesson 4

Random activities


Pupils complete a times table test using the BBC micro:bit and identify how variables and random numbers have been used, before modifying it. They consider how variables and random numbers can be used to help a family become more active with micro:bit and write an algorithm to follow next lesson.

Learning objectives

  • To predict how variables will be used in programs
  • To understand how a variable can be set to a random number
  • To write algorithms that use random number variables

You will need

Downloadable resources:

  • Lesson plan
  • Lesson slides
  • Student handouts
    • Variable times tables program
    • Activity Selector
  • HEX file

Other resources:

Whiteboards & dry-wipe marker pens, paper - large sheets, colour marker pens, MakeCode editor, printouts of slides

Lesson plan