Inspirer hvert ban til å lage sin beste digitale fremtid

Om stiftelsen

The Micro:bit Educational Foundation er en frivillig organisasjon. Vår visjon er å inspirere alle barn til å lage sin beste digitale fremtid.

Stiftelsen ble juridisk etablert med støtte fra grunnleggermedlemmene våre (inkludert BBC) i september 2016. Vi ble fullt operasjonelle på 18. oktober 2016 og markerer dette som fødselsdagen vår (med masse kake). Micro:bit Educational Foundation is a UK based organisation and redistributes the bulk of any surplus money generated into providing free devices to exceptional micro:bit educational programmes across the globe.


The Foundation employs a small team located in different locations across the UK and the world. You can meet us at events such as BETT or drop us an email – we love talking micro:bit.

Gareth Stockdale CEO

Jonny Austin CTO

Hal Speed Chief of Global Engagement

Magda Wood Chief of Learning

Pauline Marshall Project Manager

Carlos Pereira Atencio Software Engineer

Rachel Lancaster Head of Partner Engagement, EMEA

Emma Smart Comms and Logistics

Bisi Safo-Antwi Administrator

Howard Baker Education Researcher

Jose Scodiero Latin America (Brazil)

Roz Sutton Project Manager

Mark WilliamsTech Support Engineer

Matt Hillsdon Web Technology Lead

Sam Kent Graduate Software Engineer

Jo Inglis Producer

Stephanie Lucas Event Coordinator

Aimée Fagan Producer - Education Programmes and Research

Giles BoothEducational Content Manager

Chloe Browitt Head of Fundraising

Katie Henry Head of Partner Engagement, North America

Waris Candra Head of Asia

Hellen Norman Wordsmith

Joe Finney Device Software Lead

Henry Nye Junior Software Engineer

Josephine CowleyJunior Software Engineer

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are chosen for their expertise in technology, education and for running not-for-profit organisations. They are accountable in law for the work of the Foundation.

Michelle Richmond Director, the IET

Adam Leach Director, Nominet

Maureen McDonagh Independent

Cerys Griffiths Creative Director, BBC Learning

Stephen Pattison Director, ARM
Board Chair, Micro:bit Educational Foundation

The Foundation's Mission Statement

  • We enable and inspire all children to participate in the digital world, with particular focus on girls and those from disadvantaged groups.
  • We make micro:bit the easiest and most effective learning tool for digital skills and creativity.
  • We work in collaboration with educators to create and curate exceptional curriculum materials, training programmes and resources.
  • We build and support communities of educators and partners to remove the barriers to learning digital skills

Our founding members

The Foundation is unique because it was set up by an array of impressive partners, who provide continued support through secondments, volunteers, technology, events, awards, high fives and really cool give-aways. We are very grateful for the support we receive from a range of impressive individuals working directly for our founding members. Vi takker hver og en av dem.

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