Micro:bitin käyttäminen - 5 helppoa vaihetta

Vaihe 1: Kytke

Connect the micro:bit to your computer via a micro USB cable (using a phone or tablet? Click here to discover how to code the micro:bit from a mobile device). Macs, PCs, Chromebooks and Linux systems (including Raspberry Pi) are all supported. It comes with a fun application, give it a try!

Micro:bit näkyy koneelle levyasemana, jonka nimi on 'MICROBIT'. Se ei ole kuitenkaan ihan normaali USB-levy!

Vaihe 2: Ohjelmoi

Using one of our fantastic editors, write your first micro:bit code. Voit esimerkiksi ohjelmoida Javascript Blocks editorilla ohjelmapalikoiden avulla. Ohjelmakoodia voit testata simulaattori-ikkunassa, kuten alla olevassa kuvassa esitetään.

Click here to try making this example yourself

Step 3: Download It

Klikkaa editorin Download-nappia. Tämä muuttaa ohjelmakoodin 'hex'-tiedostoksi, jota micro:bit "osaa lukea". Kun hex-tiedosto on ladattu omalle koneelle, talleta se micro:bitille samalla tavalla, kuin kopioisit mitä tahansa tiedostoa USB-levylle. Windowsissa klikkaa tiedoston nimeä ja valitse ”Lähetä → MICROBIT”.

Windows "Send To"

using Send To context menu on Windows

Mac Drag and Drop

Step 4: Play It

The micro:bit will pause and the yellow LED on the back of the micro:bit will blink while your code is programmed. Once that's finished the code will run automatically!

The MICROBIT drive will automatically eject and come back each time you program it, but your hex file will be gone. The micro:bit can only receive hex files and won't store anything else!

What cool stuff will you create? Your micro:bit can respond to the buttons, light, motion, and temperature. It can even send messages wirelessly to other micro:bits using the 'Radio' feature.

Check out the ideas page for more inspiration.

Step 5: Master it

This page shows you how to get started with micro:bit, but as well as JavaScript Blocks you can use Python and text-based JavaScript to program your micro:bit. Head over to the Let's Code page to see the different languages, or check out the ideas page for some things you might like to try out.

Coding the micro:bit from a phone or tablet

Using a mobile device? You can code the micro:bit from a phone or tablet using Bluetooth. Tap here to learn more and get started!

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