Where to get micro:bit

Resellers, Accessories and Training


4tronix is a small maker company in the UK that designs, manufactures and supports a variety of hardware products for a number of different platforms including micro:bit. Specialty: Robots!



Kitronik designs and sells accessories and other kits for the micro:bit, along with great projects and ideas. Kitronik is able to ship micro:bit along with their compatible accessories and parts to 35 countries around the world.



Maplin Electronics is the UK’s biggest specialist retailer of consumer electronics, carrying both the micro:bit and accessories.



Pimoroni is a company of Makers and educators based in Sheffield, UK who ships micro:bit and accessories world-wide.



Proto-pic is an electronics store who make and sell a range of micro:bit accessories and add-ons. Based in Scotland they ship to the UK and western Europe.



ScienceScope was responsible for the development of great projects for micro:bit and the iOS App to enable users to program the micro:bit from their phones. They are active in supporting deployments of micro:bit in the UK and internationally.


Tablet Academy

Tablet Academy is an education reseller of BBC micro:bit and with links to Lamar University in the United States, Tablet Academy are now starting to share their expertise to schools in the US.


Technology Will Save Us

Technology Will Save Us creates award winning make-it-yourself kits and digital tools help kids (and the adults that love them) to make, play, code and invent using micro:bit.


The Pi Hut

The Pi Hut is a small company based in the UK carrying both the micro:bit and accessories. The Pi Hut does ship internationally.


Manufacturing & Distribution

Premier Farnell

Premier Farnell are sourcing the components and managing the manufacturing of the BBC micro:bit, ensuring that the devices can be built cost effectively at their manufacturing plants and distributed around the world.