Hvordan kontakte oss og hjelpe til

Det er mange måter å hjelpe til på. Du kan gjøre enkle ting som å fortelle om micro:bit, eller kjøpe inn noen til den lokale skolen. Eller du kan tenke større. Her er noen måter du kan hjelpe til på.


General inquiries, press and content: info@microbit.org

Support and feedback: Our support site or help@microbit.org

Twitter: microbit_edu.

Support micro:bit

We're always open to organisations that shares our mission and are interested to provide significant resources to help micro:bit. Individuals and organisations all over the world are doing projects with micro:bit at the grass-roots level. Do get in contact with us at partner@microbit.org if you need help or ideas.

The best help of all is hands-on. We encourage people to donate micro:bits to educators in their area and help them integrate micro:bit with their curriculum.

Help bring microbit.org to your language

Learn how to get involved with the microbit.org multi-lingual project.

Contribute projects or course material

Our partners and community come up with incredible projects and new ideas how to use micro:bit in education. Please get in contact at info@microbit.org and send us a link to your micro:bit content.

Contribute to our open source projects

A lot the magic that makes micro:bit happen is the result of many individuals developing and maintaining code. Visit our Developer Community site to learn about how it all works and projects to help on.

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