Great ways to get involved

The micro:bit is the result of companies and communities all around the world working together to help people learn to code, and become confident and creative with technology. We're immensely grateful to everyone who's helped so far, and we're always looking for more people to help out.

micro:bit emoji shown around the world

There are plenty of ways to join the community, from small things like spreading the word or donating a micro:bit to a local school, to big things that might change education for everyone.

Support micro:bit

We're always open to organisations and communities that share our mission and are interested to provide to help micro:bit. Individuals and organisations all over the world are doing projects with micro:bit at the grass-roots level. Do get in contact with us at if you think you've got a way to support and work with us or the micro:bit.

The best help of all is hands-on. We encourage people to donate micro:bits to educators in their area and help them integrate micro:bit with their curriculum. Working to help teachers become confident with the micro:bit makes a huge difference to how effective it can be.

You can see groups and organisations already involved in the micro:bit community on our Ecosystem Page.

Help bring to your language

Learn how to get involved with the multi-lingual project.

Contribute projects or course material

Our partners and community come up with incredible projects and new ideas for how to use micro:bit in education. Please get in contact at and send us a link to your micro:bit content - lots of the content on our site is contributed by community members who wanted to share their passion for programming with new audiences.

Contribute to micro:bit open source projects

A lot of the magic that makes micro:bit work is the result of communities around the world developing and maintaining code.

For example, people posted micro:bits all around the world so that Python would run really well on the micro:bit.

We're always looking for more people to help us, so visit our Developer Community site to learn about how it all works and projects that you could help with.

We keep our main website here focused on what students and teachers need to know, but the developer community site contains loads more technical details for anyone wanting to look behind the scenes and get involved at a technical level.

Find a dream job that makes a difference

Job opportunities with the Micro:bit Foundation.

Become a reseller or accessory maker

If you are interested in becoming a BBC micro:bit reseller or make accessories for it please fill out our reseller interest form.