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The Food Waste Watcher!

The team, Food Waste Watchers, from Singapore, won the micro:bit Global Challenge for the Asia and Pacific Region in 2018. Tricia represented her team at the winner’s event at the Museum of London in January 2019 where the winners met to discuss their creations and the Global Goals. 

How did Tricia start using the micro:bit? 

Team Food Waste Watchers’ school started using the micro:bit in lessons and her team were encouraged to enter the micro:bit Global Challenge. The school implemented the Food Waste Watcher micro:bit device and it helped them reduce overall food wastage in the school canteen!

What did they create? 

The Food Waste Watcher uses a sensor, a screen and a micro:bit. The sensor weighs the amount of food being thrown in to a dustbin. The screen displays the message “You are wasting too much food” if the sensor has detected more than 30g of wasted food on the scale. The team recognised that food waste was becoming a huge problem where they live in Singapore and wanted to create something positive to change this. They even got to present their device to Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore.