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The Spine:bit posture corrector by Team Veliki

An impressive team of friends in Croatia won the micro:bit Global Challenge for Europe for their Spine:bit creation. Fran represented his team in London at the Global Challenge finale event.

What did they create? 

Team Veliki’s entry was designed to prevent bad posture and therefore reduce posture-related injuries. Their friend’s Dad was suffering from the effects of bad posture whilst working a sedentary job in an office and they all decided to help by creating a device to help fix slouching. Their clever program was written in MakeCode; you can see the code here.

This creation used micro:bit’s accelerometer to detect posture. When the device’s pitch (rotation up and down) is within healthy boundaries the device shows a smiley face, and when the device detects poor posture as the pitch is out of healthy boundaries, the device shows an unhappy face. Every time the device’s posture status changes the device plays sound effects to alert the wearer of their posture. 

Their program was accompanied by a wearable device that straps to the wearer like a backpack. This device included batteries and a buzzer for sound, as well as a holder for the micro:bit.