Mexico - Code workshops

Federal 3 and ESTI 77 Schools

Getting Started with the BBC micro:bit at Federal 3 school in Mexico

The first workshop was for 15 students and 3 teachers of a secondary school (12 to 15 years) in Mexico.

The learning objectives were:

  • About what the micro:bit is and what they can do with it
  • You can start coding today using a code editor on the micro:bit website
  • Anyone can code, any time!
"As an instructor, I was pleasantly surprised, to watch the students learn the basic instructions of programming. The girls and boys exclaimed,how easy it is!"

Getting Started with the BBC micro:bit at ESTI 77 school

Following the success of the first workshop, we were invited to another school, where we repeated this beautiful experience to 14 students and 2 teachers.

In this workshop, the participating girls took the initiative and performed better than the boys.


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