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UK special event: BBC micro:bit playground survey biodiversity code-along

If you are a UK primary teacher, join us for our live biodiversity code-along!

Celebrate International Day of Biodiversity and get pupils prepped to take part in one of our playground survey activities at the same time.

We’ll make a biodiversity counter which your class can use later in the day to investigate biodiversity in your school playground. 

We’ll show you how to:

  • create the code
  • transfer it onto the micro:bits
  • use the micro:bit to log plant and animal species in the playground
  • submit your data to our UK-wide playground survey

So get your micro:bits out of the box and register for a fun 45 minute session with your class. 

Suitable for ages 8 - 11 years. 

UK schools only.

Equipment needed:

  • Students will need a laptop/tablet with access to the MakeCode editor(please check your students can access this in advance).
  • A screen to show the code-along stream to everyone.
  • Optional - micro:bits. If you don’t have devices you can use the online simulator, but we aim to help you put the code on the micro:bits ready for pupils to go outside and log the biodiversity of their playground later the same afternoon.

Help us try something new:

As our audience grows, we need to look at different ways to stream our code-along experiences but we are conscious that class interactions via chat is a highlight of our events. We will be hosting this session via YouTube. Everyone with the link can view the live stream, but if you’d like to get a shout out or ask questions then you will need to sign in to a YouTube account. (If you don’t have one, it is quick and easy to register so perhaps you want to consider making one for your class).

As this is an experiment, we would love to get your feedback and will share a quick survey after the event to see how it was for you.

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