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LIVE event: Summer code-along 2

Join us for our second summer code-along!

In both sessions we will code the ‘hot potato game’ on the micro:bit. This project can be used indoors or outdoors as a fun way to choose random pupils, or to take a brain break with a group game!

So get your micro:bits out and register for a fun 45 minute session with your class. 

Suitable for ages 8 and above.

Equipment needed:

  • Students will need a laptop/tablet with access to the MakeCode editor (please check your students can access this in advance).
  • A screen to show the code-along stream to everyone.
  • Optional - micro:bits. If you don’t have devices you can use the online simulator to code the project, but the game needs to be played by passing a micro:bit from one person to another in a group.

Help us try something new:

As our audience grows, we need to look at different ways to stream our code-along experiences but we are conscious that class interactions via chat is a highlight of our events. We will be hosting this session via StreamYard. Everyone with the link can view the live stream. When you first go to the link, you’ll be asked to register. Feel free to use your class name and school name instead of your name. The name or initials registered will appear when you contribute to the StreamYard chat.

Available dates