Rock Paper Scissors Activity

Make a cool Rock Paper Scissors game in this activity!

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This project teaches you how to create a game of rock paper scissors using the "random" block and the LEDs.

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8 steps

Step One

We want the micro:bit to choose rock, paper, or scissors when you shake it. Place a on shake block so when you shake the micro:bit, it will run part of a program.

Step Two

Add a weapon variable to store a random number computed with pick random.

When you shake the micro:bit, it should pick a random number from 0 to 2 and store it in the variable weapon. (This variable is named weapon because rock, paper, and scissors are the weapons you use to battle your friends!)

In a later step, each of the possible numbers (0, 1, or 2) is matched to its own picture. The picture is shown on the LEDs when its number is picked.

Step Three

Place an if block under the pick random and check whether weapon is equal to 0.

Step Four

In the if block, place a show leds block that shows a picture of a piece of paper.

Step Five

Add an else if block to the if block and check whether weapon is equal to 1.

Click on the gearwheel icon to open up the if editor; then drag and drop an else if block in the if editor.

Step Six

Place a show leds block under the else if and draw a rock image on the screen.

Step Seven

Add a show leds block with a picture of scissors to the else part.

You don’t need to check if weapon is 2 because 2 is the only number left out of 0, 1, and 2. That’s why you can use an else instead of an else if.

Step Seven

Your game is ready! Gather your friends and play Rock Paper Scissors!


Try to add the following functionality:

  • Display animations for the different options
  • Change it for Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard

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