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Започни изазов


уради свој: бит је глобални micro:bit изазов за децу од 8 до 18 година. Користите своју маштуи комбинујте технологију и креативност да пронађете решења за глобалне циљеве који се баве проблемима са којима се данас суочавамо.  

The challenge is now closed. You can still use our resources to introduce the Global Goals and the micro:bit to students.

Students in Taiwan show their entry to the do your :bit challenge

How to enter

We want you to design a tech solution to a problem that affects you and your community or another community somewhere in the world. Whatever the issue, we’re interested to hear how you would go about solving it. Use your imagination and be as creative as possible! The challenge closed for entries at 12:00pm (BST) on Friday 15 July 2022.

Who can enter?

Young people aged 8 – 18 anywhere in the world can enter the challenge. You can enter on your own or as part of a team. Teams can contain up to 3 members.

Entry categories

There are three different categories to enter in the do your :bit challenge. Please read carefully and submit your entry in the correct category.

Entry checklist

When you are ready to enter the challenge check you have the following information before completing the entry form:

  • Which category are you entering?
  • Which Global Goal is your entry linked to?
  • What is your project called?
  • Have you explained what your project is and how it works in a written statement?
  • Have you included your code? (category 2 & 3 only)
  • Have you included photos and a video of your project?

Make sure you complete and submit your entry by 12:00pm (BST) on Friday 15 July 2022


Наша страст је да инспиришемо младе људе и подстичемо их да покажу своју дигиталну креативност и волимо да радимо са организацијама које мисле слично нама. Хвала свим нашим партнерима.

У сарадњи са

do your :bit осмислила је Micro:bit Educational Foundation у партнерству са Британским саветом и World’s Largest Lesson.

British CouncilWorld's Largest Lesson

Стратешки партнер

We are grateful to OKdo for their generous donation of 5,000 micro:bit devices and support in enabling more young people from under-represented groups to get involved in the do your :bit challenge.


Захваљујемо свим нашим дистрибутерима који својим радионицама, онлајн наставним садржајима и обукама приближавају изазов do your :bit наставницима и ученицима широм света.

do your :bit community

Thank you to the do your :bit community who are amplifying the challenge across the world.

Студенти у Малавију, Африка, тестирају своје micro:bit решење.

Услови за коришћење

Погледајте изазове Т&Cs  за више информација о томе како спроводимо такмичење и обрађујемо ваше податке.