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Design challenge

Night safety

Beginner | MakeCode | Computational thinking, Computer systems, Design & technology, Programming

In the Night sensor activity students create a wearable device to give a visual and audio reminder when it is time to “Be Safe: Be Seen!’ at nightfall.

In the Flashing wheels project students design a prototype of a flashing wheel light to help improve road safety for a wheelchair user.

In the Bag for Juliane project students learn about Juliane, a girl from Zimbabwe, and create a light-up bag for her journey to school.

Learning objectives

  • To understand the issues around road safety for children at night.
  • To consider how technology can help children to ‘Be Safe: Be Seen!’.
  • To design, program, test and present working prototypes using the BBC micro:bit to help children 'Be Safe: Be Seen!'

Additional skills

Creative thinking, prototyping, testing, presenting.