British Council Refugee Camp micro:bit training - Greece

The British Council is a valued partner of the Micro:bit Educational Foundation. Together, we share a cohesive vision: building strong local-to-global partnerships and educating & empowering young people. The collaboration is a strong example of how close partnerships can amplify the reach of both organisations.

In 2017 the Foundation was very to proud learn of the great work the British Council did in refugee camps in Athens, Greece. By working with UNICEF the British Council created workshops to help children learn key skills, as well as delivering a brilliant school readiness program including music, sport, English. All supported with sessions on the BBC micro:bit. This was done in school and in the camp.

This small program of 100 micro:bits had a powerful impact with the British Council saying “seeing the children in the camps grasp the microbit and be so engaged so quickly was incredible”. The camp child Psychologist had some interesting observations. Based on which we are starting to explore how physical computing has the potential to overcome issues of integration and how older children step in to lead and coach which in turn increases their confidence.

The Foundation and the British Council work incredibly closely together to deliver digital skills to children across the world. Discover more about this project on the British Council website.

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