Micro:bit 11-kos metų žvaigždė

Micro:bit 11-kos metų žvaigždė

neturi būti "kieta" (-s) programuotoja ar technologas kad prisidėtum prie šio nuostabaus micro:bit projekto Abbie from Hertfordshire, is just eleven-years-old and has already designed images for the Foundation’s Python Editor and the new MakeCode editor (pxt). If that is not enough, she has also been the inspiration behind several cracking micro:bit games.

Abbie darbuojasi

Šiuo metu Abbie sukūrė jau tryliką paveikslėlių skirtingiems redaktoriams. Vienas jų, žymusis anties paveikslėlis, kuris yra legendiniame - anties teleportacijos žaidime She also helped design the micro:bit version of connect 4 and now has credits in the Python code files and author credits in MicroPython, the version of Python on the micro:bit.

Kaip visa tai nutiko? Abbie kompiuterių klubo vadovas dalinasi prisiminimais: "Abbie pradėjo lankyti mano šeštadieninį kompiuterių būrelį. She really loved the micro:bit and soon started creating images and writing mini games, including connect 4. Abbie designed about half of the game in Blocks and I put it into Python. It was Abbie's idea to use dark and light LEDs for a two-player game, when she showed it to me I said: 'how did you know that?' and she said: 'oh easy, I looked through all the online documentation and saw it there so I tried it and it worked!'.

The micro:bit team had seen Abbie’s work and when an opportunity arose to add more images to the micro:bit’s MicroPython image library, they asked Abbie if she would like to create some of them. She emailed over a word document full of new image designs, the MicroPython team saw them, loved them, coded them up and added them to the standard MicroPython for micro:bit build. When the team developing the new MakeCode editor spotted the fantastic new images they decided to add them to their image library as well.

Kaip Abbie sekėsi sukurti tokius svarbius micro:bit paveikslėlius? Sarah, Abbie’s mother, fills in the details: “Abbie had fun designing the images. Ji turėjo daugybę idėjų, iššūkis buvo padaryti, jas atpažįstamas ant 5x5 taškų. Abbie norėjo sukurti paveikslėlius kurie būtų smagūs jai ir jos draugams. From cute animals like the duck to a roller skate and t-shirt.” Sarah added: “I think the micro:bit is such a fun way to learn coding. Its full of clever features like the accelerometer and I/O rings as well as the LED's and programmable buttons that allow children to be really creative.”

O kaip gi jaučiasi mūsų jaunoji žvaigždė? Ji labai kukli. "Aš dėkinga jog turėjau galimybę šitaip prisidėti," sako ji. “I think it’s cool children all over the country could be using the images I helped design.”

To see examples of Abbie’s work in the editors go to the JavaScript stage in the JavaScript Blocks Editor and type: basic.showIcon(IconNames.Duck) or to the Python Editor and type: display.show(Image.DUCK). Žemiau pateikiami jos sukurti mieli paveiksliukai:

Abbie skėtis
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