Bluetoothを使ってモバイルデバイスからmicro:bitにプログラムを送りましょう。ケーブルは必要ありません! micro:bitが電源につながっていて、アプリの動作しているスマートフォンやタブレットの近くにあることを確認するだけです。あるいは、対話型のSwift Playgroundブックを使ってSwiftでどのようにプログラムするかひも解いてください!



    micro:bitアプリはBBC micro:bitに欠くことのできないコンパニオンアプリです。iOSとAndroidで利用可能です。

      Swift Playgrounds


        Windows 10アプリ

        これはMicrosoft MakeCodeでmicro:bitのプログラミングを行う際に使えるWindowsストアアプリです(今のところまだベータ中です)。



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        Android 4.4以上が必要

        iOS app store badge

        iOS 8.2以上が必要


        次のステップは、最初の一回だけmicro:bitをスマートフォンやタブレットに接続することです。これをペアリングといいます。 この作業では、アプリがmicro:bitからの信号を検索し、機器間だけで参照される秘密のコードを送ります。 その時点からデバイスとmicro:bitはペアとなり、接続すると通信できるようになります。 アプリには、これを行うのに役立つ説明が含まれています。



        If at any stage you reprogram your micro:bit using a USB cable, it will delete the secret code so you will need to repeat the pairing process. You'll also need to repeat if you use a different micro:bit.

        Writing Code

        Next you need to write some code. To create a new piece of code select Create Code from the app's homepage, choose an editor and write your code. There are lots of ideas to get you started on our site.

        When your program is ready, the code editor has to compile the code to make a .hex file, which is a very compact form of your program that the micro:bit can read. In the editor select Download and when the .hex file is ready, open it in the micro:bit app.

        Sending code to the micro:bit

        Finally you'll want to send the code to your micro:bit. This is called Flashing. Select Flash from the app, choose a program to transfer, then tap Flash and watch your ideas come to life on the micro:bit!

        Handy information on using the apps

        If you're working with multiple micro:bits or run into any issues, you may want to delete a previous pairing from your mobile device. To do this go to your Bluetooth settings, select the micro:bit and then choose to Forget this device.

        To remove the pairing on the micro:bit, simply flash a new programme via USB.

        If you’re flashing a file from your phone or tablet to your last used micro:bit you don’t have to connect again, the app will connect your device once you confirm which micro:bit you want to flash.

        You can use the app offline with the Javascript Blocks Editor, as long as you have loaded the editor once when you have an internet connection.

        Good stuff to know about working with Bluetooth

        If you get an error when flashing the program, try entering pairing mode on the micro:bit and attempt to flash again.

        Swift Playgrounds

        Swift Playgrounds is an app for the iPad that helps teach people to code in the Swift language using interactive 'books'. We've created a book that interacts with the micro:bit wirelessly, helping you to learn the fundamentals of code while having fun with your micro:bit!

        To get started, download the Swift Playgrounds app then read our guide on getting set up for Swift Playgrounds and micro:bit.

        Help and troubleshooting

        For help with the apps and any other aspects of micro:bit, check out our Knowledgebase and our Bluetooth Troubleshooting Guide or submit a help request.

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