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Microsoft are showcasing the micro:bit as a programming tool for young learners in Germany.

German girls working together during a Girls Day event

Lessons and training

Microsoft Germany incorporate the device into their “train the trainer” sessions for teachers, helping them to expand their teaching practice by using new technologies and tools.

They also offer curricular programmes for students from grades 3-4 (age 5-6) in primary school up to grade 11 (age 14-16). The Code your Life programme began 5 years ago with the goal of introducing coding to schools, children and teachers.

The offer includes access to the online Code your Life online academy where children can participate in design challenges, activities and projects focusing on a range of computing concepts and tools. The micro:bit is now deeply incorporated in the suite of tools as part of this initiative, which is part of the global Microsoft YouthSpark programme.

Original educational content and resources are produced by the Microsoft education team and made available to students and classes working through the online academy. They have localised the Microsoft MakeCode 14-week curriculum and translated it into German.

Girls' Day

Microsoft Germany also run frequent workshops and multi-focused events to support active programming education. Each year, they run Girls’ Day events nationwide to promote women in STEM, break down stereotypes and inspire an interest in tech among girls and young women.

In almost all federal states of Germany (Bundesländer), Ministries of Education recommend participation in Girls’ Day or similar programs for girls from grade 5 onwards.